Catherine Monmarson
"It is by drawing, painting, modeling, that I really realized the world around me and I now live the experience of Art as a privilege. This is the best way for me to stay "awake"

The paintress ignores where her eyes lead her. She paints to discover it. The eye of the painter is one who is surprised, who marvels, who cares. The gesture of the painter is the driver of a subtle music, coming from the deepest level, released with simplicity and sincerity to make a way between the unconscious and the feelings, and meets the emotion.

The body in question? I work in two stages: The first spontaneous gesture that will take possession of the space, then a slower time, that builds and gives substance to this energy (cohesion, tension and movement). The memory of the body reflects the memory of the spirit.

Would the paint be? Submit an inner journey? Visit locations that the reason cannot reach? Transform the invisible into visible?"

Catherine Monmarson
2 rue de la Tourraque, 06600 Vieil-Antibes
06 16 48 49 34
04 93 65 62 39
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