Antoine Puisais
Born in 1975
Lives and works between Paris and Cannes.

« My purpose, that it is about drawings, paintings or engravings, is to build representations with simple and immediate reading which tell more that what they show.
By drawing from a popular iconography which includes logos, symbols, childish illustrations, advertising mascots and primitive arts, I try to create images which put in relation the world which surrounds me with the one who lives in me.
An introspective, intuitive work and a psychology-analytics which establishes links between past and the present, the childhood and the adulthood, the pointless and the main part, the urge and the need.
I become attached to the fact that I call up « a return in the primitive » and apply to transform, to manipulate the images which inspire me until they appear to me as evidences.
Free associations where elements sometimes complement each other or then nullify, and where confront what is shown and what is hidden. A duality was strengthened by the essential use of the black and the white and the idea of height and space, what seems on-surface and what exists in background, it's urgent for me to dig up my discoveries, the engraving sends back(dismisses) to that, so at the bottom(in fact) as in the shape. I consider my work as close relation of the archaeology, my drawings belong to a recent past and to a distant past, they are presented in a fragmentary way as a multitude of indications serving to reconstitute a story and in a way, they are the witnesses of the end of a period, what remains, a track, an imprint.
By painting these vestiges, I put the attention on our utopias and translate a universe rickety and fragile where the place of the man is to be defined.
This fragility is stressed by a childish and modest line which privileges the expressiveness to the virtuosity, the characters in the disproportionate forms, close to the cartoon articulate as marionettes and make the link between what they are really and this verse which they tighten. Situations which often turn to the grotesques in a dark and bright, funny and disturbing world.
I create a balance by gathering(combining) opposite, the spectator has to be in front of a world which seems familiar but whose rules he ignores, I do not consider my painting as something pleasant to look but more as playful surfaces, playing fields where embrace each other various pictorial universes which, although they anchor in a concrete and objective reality escape towards a more primary and intuitive unconscious. » (Antoine Puisais)
2 rue de la Tourraque, 06600 Vieil-Antibes
06 16 48 49 34
04 93 65 62 39
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