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The galery "LES ROBINSONNES" is located in the heart of historical Antibes, very close to the old market hall and the Picasso museum.

The blend of old stone walls and contemporary elements makes it a perfect setting for contemporay artwork, its athmosphere is genuine, apeasing and intimate, it is a place where everyone enjoys muzing and have a casual discussion with the owner or the manager, Anne-Emmanuelle and Carole. Both are wonderful warm friendly personalities, always happy to promote and highlight the work of the artists or answer your questions.
The galery team wants to reach a very wide audiance, ranging from the modern art amateur up to the wealthy collector. Carole, the galery manager, is always available, ready to listen to you and share her passion for contemporary art, introduce you to the work of our artists, or give more specific informations about a piece of art you may wish to purchase.

We have chosen to display the work of confirmed and also less known promising artists. Our rule is quality, we only display very high quality work. e are open to a wide range of different techniques, we wish to be an open window on the landscape of contemporary art : style, age, roots, nationality, culture are all part of it and add to its richness, feeding our heart and soul in the process.

We make it a policy to exibit art pieces ranging from 10 euros up to 7/8000 euros and make art afordable for all without discremination. Art ought to be within the reach of every purse, it is our belief.

2 rue de la Tourraque, 06600 Vieil-Antibes
06 16 48 49 34
04 93 65 62 39
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