Nicole Agoutin
Her sculptures are contemporary, original and the movement is king. It catches your eye which then discovers that the humor is always present. No suffering, no pain of living in "the Pinocchios" so named by the artist.
The technique is based on the desired shape to express a given movement, the branches are selected and rectified with wood-knife.
The pieces seem crude, intact, while the species are mixed together like so many stories. Fragile items are armed with iron rods, held together by screws and finished with adhesive resin to mask the intervention.
The matter is of driftwood in the Mediterranean, several species: licorice, cedar and fragrant olive, pine sometimes when it floated long. Rolled by the waves, the wood has lost its soft substance that filled the sea with its salt, which makes the material extremely strong. It becomes very hard, insects do not attack it and it does not rot.

Nicole Agoutin work is full of poetry and delicacy ........
2 rue de la Tourraque, 06600 Vieil-Antibes
06 16 48 49 34
04 93 65 62 39
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